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  • Shareware, Trialware and Demo: Try before you buy software. Typically includes a 30 day trial period, so there's no money up front and no risk.
  • Freeware: Software that is completely free to use, however in most cases, the software is unsupported by the developer/publisher.
  • Beta: Software that is in its initial testing stages, giving access to all the newest features and allowing you to help shape the final product. It is typically free to use during the test period, but can have bugs and may be unsupported.

Newest Reviews

XLReporter (Niyazi)

XlReporter for Delta is a useful software. But I think it's not user friendly.
Published: Aug 29, 2015

Yodot AVI Repair for Windows (Luzia Fernandez)

Good in repairing video file. Though UI is bit old, but its simple and clear. Like the flow and the way it worked.
Published: Aug 26, 2015

exalead one:desktop free edition (Magali)

We found it impossible to search on file name, even with keyword "intitle". We use IE9 on W7 64bits.
Published: Aug 26, 2015

PVsyst (Clement)

It's one of the best software I have used so far in PV systems designing.
Published: Aug 25, 2015

Yodot PSD Repair (Brown)

Brilliant tool. Very happy with it's performance.
Published: Aug 24, 2015

8-Track Recorder (Calvin Holliness)

I bought this and can not use it. I tried all latency setting and made absolutely no difference. No track will synchronize. Master tracks will sync and so will recorder tools. $.99 is not much but it was earned and I got nothing for it. I have a Nokia Lumia 635 with Windows 8.1.
Published: Aug 24, 2015

NeroVision Express (Mike Meleca)

Love Nero. Been using it forever, it's the best and I wouldn't have any other program.
Published: Aug 22, 2015

GS Typing Tutor (Sas)

Too good, excellent software for typing. Guys use this. This is amazing.
Published: Aug 20, 2015

HDDtoGO (Rapro)

Nice but warranty time is short. It should be given life time warranty.
Published: Aug 19, 2015

CompuHost (Steve Parker)

I have had this for a few years and am use to working with it happy with this program.
Published: Aug 19, 2015

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Newest Software

Receptio  v.

Receptio is a complete visitor management system for your business. With advanced features such as e-mail/text alerts, electronic visitor log, visitor badge printing, and Mail Chimp integration, Receptio beats the competition at a great price, Free!

Power Plan Manager  v.1.00

Automatically switch Windows power plans depending on active applications

Nero MediaHome  v.16.0.01700.9.1

Nero MediaHome is the easy and free media manager for your photos, music and video. The complete, all-in-one source lets you manage, edit, play, share, sync, stream and enjoy your media without the hassles of complicated technology.

My Screen Recorder Pro  v.4.12

Record your PC desktop screen activity to AVI, WMV or MP4 files. This advanced screen capturing tool can capture anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors, and even video with sound.

ChequeSystem Cheque Printing Software  v.3.5.0

ChequeSystem provides a complete cheque printing and management solution. You are no need to write any, just print and sign it. All issued cheques are kept in records. Account report and payee report provides details cheques issued history

Switch Audio Converter Free for Mac  v.4.86

Switch is an audio file converter for Mac. It can convert many different types of audio files into mp3 or wav format and more.

1AVCenter  v.

Capture, record, broadcast, and remotely monitor your computer screen and webcam, record audio from any source, securely share files on your own personal web site, grab screenshots, send and upload files, and more all quickly and easely.

Joyfax Broadcast  v.8.30.0824

A personalized faxing software can reach thousands of people with no limit. This easy to use product is your ideal communication tool for fax marketing, customer communication, event notification, newsletter publishing and more.

WebCam Monitor  v.6.12

Turn your PC into a video surveillance system that allows you to monitor your home/office from a remote location. Alerts include sounding an alarm, recording audio and video, taking photos, broadcasting video, and sending email notifications.

Proxy Log Explorer  v.4.0

Proxy Log Explorer is the fastest and most powerful analysis application for monitoring the efficiency corporate Internet usage of your Proxy server. This Proxy Log Explorer creates dynamic reports on-the-fly.

WebcamMax  v.

WecamMax enables you to add thousands of effects or doodling to webcam video for live video chats, streaming or recording. As a virtual webcam, it also enables you to show videos, pictures, desktop screen or even multiple webcam videos to others.

1AVCapture  v.

Capture and record anything you can hear or see on your PC. It does not matter if the video you want to capture comes from your webcam, the PC desktop, from your TV tuner, or from inside websites or media players. Also a poweful audio recorder.

GTalkabout Personal Edition  v.1.1.0

Unlike the traditional way of discussion, GTalkabout relates the messages and the position of the source code. Messages could have the property of code's comments and can be located through the code, and vice versa.

TrackPro Calibration and Maintenance  v.

TrackPro Calibration Management software allows you to track the status of recurrent items such as calibrations, maintenance and validations. Keeping these items under control will assist you in meeting the requirements of ISO9001, QSR and ISO13485.

Macgo Free Mac Media Player  v.2.16.3

Macgo Free Mac Media Player is the best all-in-one free media player for Mac OS X in the world. It can play HD movies on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. It can support all media formats with high quality.

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